i came across the Kooples the other day. Knowing how much i like twee shit, naturally i fell in love…

{james bond via screenmusings}
If you’re like me you already know what Saville Road is~ namely where James Bond and John Steed get their suits. But lately Saville Road has forsaken bankers and spies for couples, or as they’re known around there~”Kooples.”
Wedded to the mod esthetique, Kooples produces beautifully tailored clothing for men and women. blah blah blah, i don’t really care about their back story and seeing as i’ll never afford any of their clothing, {and even if i could, they don’t offer “tall” sizes for ladies} i won’t bore you with it either. 
No, i’m posting about them because they have an unabashedly adorable ad campaign. They take real life couples, outfit them in their lovely clothes, and photograph and film them. Of course the people are “pretty,” but a few of them aren’t “prefab pretty,” which is my holy grail of advertising.
Indeed, they look like they might not bore you to death if you were trapped in an elevater with them for a few hours~ one of my worst fears btw~ combining both grisly death and a taste of Sartre-ian “No Exit” hell. 
But i digress~ look at the adorableness! This guy made the page just because he looks straight out of “Game of Thrones.”

Hey Jon, where’s Ghost? {okay, he looks more like Theon, but i hate that guy.}

The only thing that could make this campaign cuter is if they had used kittens. Oh wait, i have photoshop~ BOOM!

“Mewsette and Marmalade have been a couple for 1 year.” awwwwwww.


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