murder on the orient express fashion

did you know the orient express still exists? i didn’t. i was sure it had gone the way of the dodo. unfortunately {actually fortunately}, due to cheaper airfare it no longer goes to Istanbul, its original destination, and instead ends in venice*. check out their site. it’s nuts. they have animations to show you how the cabins transform into sleepers and gorgeous vaguely retro styled photos of rich people with decent taste. it’s pretty dreamy. so, if you have $5600 dollars burning a hole in your pocket {for 2 people}- not counting airfare- then i envy you.

in the event that you’re a little more like me, well, here are some patterns from burdastyle magazine to aid you in fashioning your own pretend holiday. and no, i don’t think there’s anything wrong with fixing your living room up to look like a train cabin. nothing-at-all.

steward, please get me a gin. on the rocks.

what luggage? i’m a woman of mystery. 
yeah, i’m going to cruise around these gorgeous cobblestone streets in my rad 1930s/1970s outfit. uncomfortable? not at all- it’s like walking on a cloud. 

ummm, no. i was not Yves Saint Laurent’s muse, but only bc he never met me.

it’s fake fur. please don’t spray me with paint and inadvertently ruin my trousers. it took a couple weeks to make them. bias cut insets don’t sew themselves ladies. amirite?!?!

and if you are lucky enough to take a trip on the orient express, let’s hope you don’t get snowed in. {via so classic screencaps}
*the current “orient express” has many trains and hotels world wide}

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