leaves of gold and silver

i love fall for the beautiful leaves. when i walk with karl we collect the prettiest leaves we can find. but forbidden fruit is always the sweetest. our neighbors have the loveliest tree in the loveliest setting. all gold and silver when i look out of my window. i sneaked a peak and felt a little like Rapunzel’s mother gazing longingly at forbidden foliage 😉

yellow, orange, and red next to the silvery celadon green is one of my favorite color combinations.

this silvery green tree is wonderfully melancholy. it belongs in an algernon blackwood story.

let’s see what other things are orange and blue-green…

my son’s car

pincushion from antique ribbon

my favorite self portrait of vincent.

“shiver and shake little tree- pour gold and silver over me!”
~  cinderella by the brothers grimm.

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