little golden book cinderella paper dolls by gordon laite

as i promised, here are the scans of gordon laite’s “cinderella” paper doll~

i’ve looked for this book for 15 years. finally, this year i ended up purchasing two books. one with the dolls and one with the uncut clothing. there really aren’t enough good things i can say about these dolls. to me, they are the pinnacle of paper doll art. i can’t explain… of course it might be that i just have 5 year old child brain again every time i look at them. something along the lines of “dresses!… cookies!… tea parties!… pretty!…kittens!…robin hood!” {don’t ask}.
Cinderella and Prince Charming
lovely house outfits
glorious golden ballgown
green wedding gown and blue 2nd gown
Charming’s wedding suit and his suit for the ball. 
with what the price a complete copy commands i’m shocked someone hasn’t scanned them in for people to enjoy. the book is out of print and the talented mr. laite died in 1978. click to enlarge and please enjoy them as much as i do 🙂 

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  1. Carrie says:

    Oh my gosh, these are gorgeous. thank you so much for sharing the scans! I'm a Cinderella collector but had never seen these.

  2. you're welcome 😀 i think their relative obscurity has to do with the illustrator having died so young. i'm really glad after so many years of looking for them that other people are getting a chance to enjoy them too.

  3. Paula T. says:

    I used to have a very vague memory of Cinderella's outfits from this book. Somehow I always remembered them as very Marie Antoinetteish. FINALLY, FINALLY found a copy of the book and realized where the memory came from. I must have had this book as a child. The best copy I could find has Cinderella and the Grandfather Clock 'doll', and the clothes and story. I doubt I'll EVER find a complete copy at a reasonable price. THANK YOU!!!! so much for posting this. Its the next best thing to having the book!

  4. you're welcome! i'm glad you at least found a copy. they are very hard to come by 😀

  5. Roz says:

    I had this book as a child and played with these dolls all the time. Thank you for reviving these happy memories.

  6. Kate L says:

    Oh my goodness! I had these dolls when I was a child! They were my favorites and I loved them dearly.

    1. They are sooooo beautiful. They really don’t make paper dolls like this anymore.

  7. Cynthia Butler says:

    I have the paper dolls but not the clothes. Would you be willing to photocopy what you have and send it to me with your price? Thank you.

    Cynthia Butler
    (205) 910-5539
    2600 Watkins Road
    Mountain Brook, AL 35223

  8. Shelagh says:

    I had this book as a child and have looked for it for years. What a walk down memory road. I would love to find a copy with the cut out intact.

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