new patterns!

joann’s is having a sale on simplicity patterns that started yesterday and ends november 12th. 5 patterns for $5. limit 10. there are a few other limitations but most of simplicity’s patterns are on sale.
i picked up 5 yesterday. i didn’t really need any new patterns, but i’m kind of a pattern ho. i’ve had my eye on these but just could justify the expense. yesterday was my lucky day! 

2 retro simplicity patterns.
honestly, picked up 2154 just for the “mad men”  vibe and beautiful cover colors.

3588 is from the 1940s. i adore at waist pants & these are beautiful. i love their side zip. the blouse is pretty awesome too. it features double darts in the front!

2282 i picked up for the lovely princess seams. i might even try making a bib necklace.

2305 is a cynthia rowley pattern. i love the rounded hem and soft easy style.

2211 is a lisette pattern. i’ve wanted a skirt like this forever, with the pleats on the seam lines. it has a very “amelie” kind of vibe.

close ups of the retro patterns. see what i mean about 2154? total trudy campbell outfit!

good luck shopping and get there before all the good ones are picked over!


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