bad news

my printer is dead. well, as good as dead. i’ve been cleaning and realigning it but it persists in printing noticeable horizontal lines. 
needless to say, i’m extremely disappointed. i’ve been working on this project for 6 months. i’ve sulked, been depressed and what-have-you for the last few days, but i can’t fix it. 
hopefully we’ll be able to buy a new printer with our tax return in the early spring, provided we have no emergencies. 
i feel embarrassed for being upset. in the great scheme of things i have a life of some ease. my family and i exist in genteel poverty until my husband finishes school and can hopefully find a job here in the u.s. or abroad. i’ve stopped reading the posts of the 99% on my tumblr bc i couldn’t sleep at night. i vote for people to change things for the benefit of the working class, but money controls everything and floods many people with fear- fear of anyone not like “themselves.” it’s very depressing.

in the meantime, i have a few commissions to work on and lots of drawings awaiting paint. i have a pile of fabric to sew into clothes so i’d better pull myself together and get on with it. patience is my hardest won virtue. 

and on a lighter note~ my husband and i carved a pumpkin with our son. not enough money for gas to show support at an occupy event, but enough money to buy a pumpkin from “trader joe’s.” and that’s what i mean by “genteel poverty.” first world problems- both funny and pathetic. at least i haven’t lost my sense of humor. 


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