my 4 year anniversary approaches on august 2nd! i can’t believe it’s been 4 years already. my husband mikael is my absolute dream man. now that we have karl i don’t have much time to sew, although after i’m done with my current art project i’m going to take a month off from painting and make something- anything!
i’ve always wanted to make my wedding dress. i originally chose a vintage vogue pattern but adding 2″ to the length of the torso was going to prove too difficult. i happened to browse through my then newest issue of burda and fell in love.
issue 3/08 had a bridal pattern inspired by wallis simpson’s wedding gown. it was perfect! easy to add length to the torso and skirt and easy to add width to the hips. i made a muslin first and worked out the kinks, mostly fitting through my hips. my measurements then were 34″-25″-38″.  
made from champagne silk shantung. i omitted the belt bc i loved the triple darts in the front and wanted to show them off.
i loved the 30s vibe. we felt like the hippy version of nick and nora!
yes, we had a keg as well as almond champagne. my priority was to provide great drinks and food for my guests. i appreciated them coming to share our day!
stationing han and leia on planet cake!