well, april 19th was my birthday. 38 years old! i spent the day relaxing, which when you have a 15 month baby is a pretty amazing present all in itself. but my sweet husband also gave me a couple of books i’ve been coveting~

mad men: the illustrated world by dyna moe. if you love mad men you’ve no doubt played “mad men yourself” on amc’s website.

also, please check out dyna moe’s amazing website:
nobodyssweetheart. i love her work. it’s like key lime pie~ sweet & tart, which is about the highest compliment i can pay!

and here’s my mad men yourself:D

i also received “the fashion file” by janie bryant. janie designs mad men’s stunning costumes. the book is actually a style guide, pointing you toward achieving the put together look you admire from ladies of the past, but in a contemporary way. buyer beware, as reviews have stated, this isn’t a book of mad men costume photos. 


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