new project pending~

i’m so excited for my new project. as you may or may not know i’m mad about paper dolls. so, i’ve been sketching & painting a new series of 5 dolls. one is finished & 4 more are sketched out in photoshop. i’m just trying to decide who gets what accessories & and trying to decide if the gentlemen should wear trilbys, or fedoras. decisions decisions!

on a related note~ as i’ve nearly finished agatha christie’s novels, i picked up my husband’s volume of dorothy sayers’ “lord peter wimsey” stories. so far, they are completely funny & decent mysteries. not at good as dame agatha or arthur conan doyle, but extremely entertaining none-the-less. lord peter is described in the first story as medium height & blond, with a long nose & a rather stupid looking face. i had a lot of trouble imagining him. what exactly is stupid looking? is he a boring hunky guy? that’s who i usually associate with stupidity. but that was definitely not the description given of him. who- who- who? 
suddenly, simon pegg popped into my head. not that i really consider poor simon to be particularly stupid looking, but he does do slack-jawed confusion very well. how wonderful would simon pegg be as lord peter in a movie? don’t believe me? look at this:

now imagine pegg & frost as wimsey & bunter:

it would be completely amazing.

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  1. Dee says:

    Late here, I know, but wow about Simon Pegg! I’ve been a fan of Lord Peter since I was in high school and enjoyed the Edward Petherbridge TV adaptations, but Pegg might work very well for a modern day one. Especially since he’s short, and Lord Peter disliked the fact that he was short. Hope you enjoyed the books!

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