kay’s destiny

from “the snow queen” by hans christian andersen ~ “kay’s destiny”

all grown up, kay finds his destiny lies to the north, in the palace of the snow queen. leaving his novels, his absinthe, & the pallid bust of pallas, the snowflakes spirit him away…

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i think, for the “snow queen” series of paintings, if i had to list all of my influences i would say:
klimt~ obviously, the snow queen herself owes a lot to klimt’s feminine aesthetic. not to mention kay’s painting.
edward burne jones~ the androgynous angels with their copious fabric.
bram stoker’s dracula~ i don’t care how badly this is acted, visually it was my go-to film for years. eiko ishioka is a goddess of fabric manipulation! and don’t get me started on gary oldman. the most gorgeous creature on film! also, kay’s drinking absinthe here. 
edgar allan poe~ there’s a reoccurring raven in the paintings. kay also has a “pallid bust of pallas” above his door. in the initial draft of the story i’d rewritten kay’s name as “allan“. yeah, i know~ which brings me to…
kafka~ hence why kay remained kay. what can i say, this set of painting was done between 18 & 20 & reflects a young person’s obsessions.  
mies van der rohe~ i fell in love with his pavilion (barcelona)chair. a fanciful version exists in this painting. 
john major~ i used to watch “questions with the prime minister & had a total crush on him. i don’t care if he’s conservative, he was terribly witty. kay wears major’s polka dot tie. i swear that man didn’t own a different tie. 
beauty & the beastcogsworth & lumiere are on the mantel (in a way).

the original painting is india ink, watercolor, & oil pastel. it was painted on strathmore bristol smooth 100 lb paper. this, before i found the heavy canson i work on now, was my paper of choice. the smooth paper surface allows excellent application of india ink without snags or feathering. it’s crispness also enables a precise paint application & jewel-like colors. the painting measures 17″ x 14″.

there are actually 20+ paintings in this series as i intended for it to be a book. i never submitted it to anyone & for the most part these painting have been covered in paper for the last 17 years.

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