“The Snow Queen”

she wears a kokoshnik (russian crown) & a fanciful mail & gauze dress. appearing out of a storm of snowflakes, her midnight black hair whips around her.

growing up in sunny southern california i’ve always romanticized the snow. the first time i saw it i threw myself face first into it, thinking it would be as soft as it looked. but instead it was hard & sharp! that started my love affair with it. it’s definitely not what it appears to be & neither is its queen!
“the snow queen” by hans christian andersen is one of my favorite fairy tales. when he was a child his father died. his mother told him, “the snow queen has taken your father away.” what kind of impact that had on his psyche can only be guessed, but he also wrote a story called, “the ice maiden”. while very similar to the snow queen, it’s meant for an adult audience. it concerns a young man & ends with his death by the queen of ice.
anderson clearly seemed influenced by the norse/germanic goddess, hela. hela was ruler of niflheim, freezing realm of the dead.