beauty dreaming of good fortune

“when I met you in the restaurant, you could tell I was no debutante.

you asked me what’s my pleasure, “a movie or a measure”?
i’ll have a cup of tea and tell you of my dreaming.

dreaming is free…”

the reading beauty embodies simplicity and spiritual longing. seeking escape after a long day at work typing, she falls asleep with a small volume in her hand. her dreams show her the transience at the heart of all things… 

print available in my shop~

the first piece of my “floating world” series. the original painting is on canson 185 lb. 12″x16″ paper. this is my favorite paper ever- ever! it’s so thick that unless you’re doing heavy washes you don’t have to stretch it, which is a big time saver. the color is a creamy, warm off-white. i’m in love with this paper! {in case you couldn’t guess}.

it’s drawn in pencil and then painted with light watercolor washes. i’m particularly enamored with the blood orange color in the heart of each venus fly trap!
in 4th grade i did my science fair project on the venus fly trap. it had a blood red background, cut out photos & a hand drawn, by me, cartoon of a venus fly trap smiling & wearing sunglasses. i was hooked on carnivorous plants! i was however, the only girl at the science fair not doing something cuddly or really hard science, like the erupting volcano. oh well!

my love affair with ukiyo-e is still going strong. i wanted to do something that expressed its ideals: fleeting beauty and an elevation of the mundane. the women of ukiyo-e weren’t rich noblewomen, but rather geisha, oiran {women of pleasure}, & often neighborhood women. in turn, the women in these paintings aren’t jet setters. rather, they’re secretaries, librarians, and book sellers.

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