capturing a cloud, or the floating world on paper

i’ve been thumbing through books to crystallize my approach to my next set of paintings. i want something light, encompassing the meaning of ukiyo-e, the floating world. i live in a dream world of hazy visions and i spend much time reproducing them on paper, however banal they may seem to other people. i deeply feel frida kahlo’s exclamation against being labeled a surrealist, ” i paint my reality.” lately, i’ve felt the ink line i apply to all my paintings is overpowering them. it’s so dark i find my self overpainting the picture. while this worked well for me in the past, i’m just not feeling it now.

after examining mercer mayer’s “beauty & the beast” for the millionth time i’ve noticed he left a significant portion of his pencil drawing visible as shadows.

karl & i combed through rackham’s “tempest”. like rackham, i too have always “painted with my pen”.

“sorcerer’s apprentice” by the dillons

julie morstad’s lovely work

& of course japanese woodcuts.

so, i think i’m going to apply color over the penciled lines, leaving them uninked. something tells me this will give me the lightness i’m searching for.

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  1. I imagine it would give a lighter effect. It's interesting to see the differences these changes would make.thank you so much for your comment, that was so nice you could spend some time there :)xoxo

  2. I can't wait to see what this will look like. Little Karl couldn't be cuter. 🙂

  3. i just finished # 4 of the floating world series & i'll be posting them as soon as i get them scanned in :Dhahaha, thank you, karl is quite a heartbreaker!

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