kid krowley

kid krowley~
as a child in the 70s i had an interest in the occult, which i blame entirely on fairy tales. then again, the 70s were a witchy time, unlike the rational, money driven, & very concrete 80s. 

the kid is an experiment in aggressive shading. my usual shading style is virtually nill. i’m heavily influenced by both disney & max fleischer style animation & perhaps naturally disposed toward a flat, “open for color” presentation, like japanese ukiyo-e. but after 30+ years, that can get a little old. i’ve done heavily shadowed work before (the cthulu pictures) & felt it was time to get back into it. my husband mikael is in love with ec comics & i’ve found their work to be a new stylistic inspiration. 

kid & fiend~
and, of course, everyone needs a friend. people have asked me if the kid is a boy or a girl & to be honest, i’m not sure. i don’t really feel it’s important as, unlike it’s ungodfather, the kid doesn’t really get up to anything where that would matter. 

both of these pictures were drawn on bristol board- inked primarily with a brush (except the kid’s face & the monster’s teeth in this one. the tone effects here in the background were added digitally with “manga computones vol. 5”, which you can get from amazon. 
i read somewhere that comic houses no longer accept work with tone, which i find hard to believe. it looks ridiculously cool & brings to mind fantastic bernie wrightson/neil adams/marshall rogers 70s art.

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