bridgman’s wings

this is from “bridgman’s complete drawing from life”. i’ve always dismissed him in favor of hogarth & i regret that now. hogarth’s book are amazing- AMAZING! but i have developed a serious problem with producing slick humans. frankly, i’m a little bored with my style. i want something rougher & bulkier which is where bridgman comes in. his people have a solid meaty look. they’re completely anti squishy body-builder. if you punched one of bridgman’s dudes in the stomach you’d break your hand, probably. i’m really liking the “wingy” shoulders & have started incorporating it into my other sketches. 


the next two are from “people & poses” by buddy scalera. this is a great go-to book. i have an old-old posefile book from the late 80s, but the pics are small & blk & white. i’m thinking of picking up buddy’s two other books- 
all of these were drawn in non-photo blue pencil & detailed in 2hb.


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